General Conditions
Price list
Do you work a lot, or do you want to go out for a day without having to worry about walking your dog? Le Chien dog walking service will walk your dog for you! 
Le Chien dog walking service will walk your dog at the most beautiful places, the forest, the beach, the dunes, your dog will have a great time. There is no maximum in the group. We want all the dogs to feel comfortable in de group, so we decide per group how may dogs we will take. He will get enough personal attention and has great playmates at the same time.
Your dog will be picked up by a specialized van. This way the dog walking area will be reached in a shorter period of time. The dog can run and play as soon as we get there. After his walk the dog will be returned to his home. The van has an air conditioning system so that the dogs feel comfortable during the summer.
There are three walks. The first walk will be 65-75 minutes, this walk will be between 09.30 and 11.30. The second walk will be 40-45 minutes, this walk will be between 12.00 and 14.00., this walk is for puppys who aren’t allowed to walk to long, for older dogs, for dogs that needs special attention or dogs with mideical problems. Times are excluding travel time. Dogs of all ages are accepted as long as they can walk the 75 minutes or 45 minutes. 
Before your dog will go for its first walk, Tessa Hassing, the owner of Le Chien, will come by to fill in the registration forms. This way, the dog can meet me in his own area where he feels most comfortable. This gives me the opportunity to see witch pack will fit your dog the best. This also will give you the opportunity to ask questions.
It’s really important that all the dogs are socialized so the walk will be fun for all the dogs.