What is it that Atlas Animal Project does?

The people from Atlas Animal Project are helping foundations outside the Netherlands. They try to keep the animals of the streets. And they support castration and staralisation. They also fly dogs to the Netherlands to give them a warm and loving home. They also refit dogs in the Netherlands.

What is it that Le Chien does?


The people from Le Chien try to help to take the dogs to the Netherlands. They also take the dogs in their houses to train, feed and exercise them. Untill they found a warm and loving home.

What can you do?

Atlas Animal Project and Le Chien are doing all the work voluntary. To give the dogs the right medical care, we need money. To donate money you can go to the website, www.atlasanimalproject.nl.

Le Chien takes care of the dogs while they stay in the Netherlands, untill they found a permanent home. You can donate leashes, food and money to Le Chien.


Phonenumber 0642579901

emial info@lechien.nl


Luna in daycare. Comes from Lesbos.

Bart and Ozzy coming with us from Kos airport to Amsterdam schiphol.

Winston at Amsterdam Shiphol and in daycare. Comes from Kos.