Article 1 - Definition

In these general conditions the following is meant:

1.1  Employee: Dog walking service.

1.2  Constituent: Person (dog owner) that has signed the agreement form and the general conditions.

1.3  Agreement form: Written agreement between employee and constituent, where employee oblige themselves to walk the dog on agreed days against by constituent paid price.

1.4  The dog: The dog for which the constituent and the employee have made the agreement .

Article 2 - General

2.1 To the task general conditions apply the following. Deviation of the general conditions in any form is only possible if this has been put in writing and is signed by both constituent and employee.

2.2 Employee preserves the right to change the general conditions and modify the prices.

2.3 The dog has to be able to listen and follow commands and has to be social towards other dogs and people.

2.4 Employee preserves the right to refuse a dog based on it’s behaviour.

Article 3 - Health

3.1 The dog must have been treated with the cocktail vaccination. The dog must also be free of maggots, fleas, lice and ticks (information available at your vet ).

3.2 Constituent oblige themselves to inform the employee as soon as possible concerning possible sickness of the dog for which the agreement has been signed. Bitches in heat do not qualify for the walking service.

3.3 If constituent can not be contacted, employee is automatically authorised  to respond in case of accidents or sickness.  If consult by a veterinary surgeon is needed, the damage will be recovered by constituent. This also applies if it’s necessary to apply medical treatment.

3.4 Male dogs have to be castrated.

Article 4 - Key management

4.1 Constituent can give employee a key to the dog’s house.

4.2 Keys that have been given to employee are provided with a code (no address) and are put away in an lockable key safe.

Article 5 - Rights and duties constituent

5.1 Constituent is obliged to entirely truthfully fill in the registration form and the agreements.
5.2 Constituent is responsible for damage that is caused by giving incorrect information concerning the dog for which the agreement has been concluded.

5.3 Constituent is obliged to ensure that employee has access to the dog for which the agreement has been concluded.

5.4 Constituent must make sure that the dog is present on the agreed day(s) and time(s). If the dog is not present at pickup time the costs of the agreed walk will still be charged.

5.5 Constituent must have third-party insurance for his or her dog.

5.6 Constituent becomes, if necessary, obliged by employee on altitude health and behaviour the dog during the periods that the dog under supervision of employee falls.

5.7 In case the employee does not have to walk the dog at the agreed day(s), the constituent has to cancel at least 48 hours in advance by textmessage or e-mail. If a cancellation takes place within 48 hours of the agreed walk,  the normally applied price will be charged.

5.8 When constituent wants to stop using the dog walking service, the constituent needs to do this by letter. After that, 4 weeks will be charged before the walks will stop.

5.9 When the constituent is going on holiday in the summer and his dog is not going with the dog walking service, nothing will be charged for 4 weeks. When the constituent is going away longer then 4 weeks, half of the prices (after the 4 weeks) will be charged.

5.10 When the dog does not listen and walks away from the pack, the constituent needs to come and get the dog, if the dog has not return in 15 minutes.

5.11 When constituent wants to cancel the period the dog is staying with the employee, the constituent needs to cancel by phone in more then 4 weeks. When the constituent cancels in less the 4 weeks, 50% will be charged. When the constituent cancels in less then 2 weeks, 100% will be charged.

5.12 Dogs should be brought and picked up by constituent to daycare unless other conditions have been discussed.

5.13 On sundays and holidays it is not possible to drop of or pick up a daycare dog. Your dog can be brought home the day before, or after the sunday or holiday.

Article 6 - Rights and duties employee

6.1 The dog walking service is available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Walking on Saturday and Sunday and/or public holidays are only possible by exception. On these days other rates apply.

6.2 Employee will do everything possible to ensure the well-being of the dog.

6.3 Employee always preserve  the right to stop the task, when they are of opinion that it is irresponsible to walk the dog.

6.4 Employee preserves the right to state reasons for refusing a dog.

6.5 Employee preserves the right to temporarily  stop the dog walking service. (for example: because of vacation or illness)

6.7 There are no walks on; 1st of Januari, Good Friday, 1st and 2nd day of Easter,  Kingsday, liberationday (every 5th of may), “Hemelvaartsdag”.  Whit Sunday (2 days), 1st and 2nd day of Christmas.

Article 7 - Damage and insurance 

7.1 The owner of the dog is, according to the Dutch law, responsible for the materiel and immaterial damage

which his or her dog causes to others or to property (among which other dogs) of others.

Article 8 - Payments

8.1 All named prices are included VAT.
8.2 The chargeable amount must be paid on a weekly bases cash at the beginning of the week. Or every month by bank, at the beginning of the month.

8.3 Walkingcards and bathingcards can’t be exchanged for cash

Article 9 - Liability

9.1 If, dueto unforeseen circumstances (for example; calamities, sickness, car breakdown, etc.),  the employee is not able to walk the dog, the employee will inform the constituent as soon as possible. Possible damages as a result can not be recovered on employee.

9.2 If employee would be responsible  for any damage which the customer does not suffer as a result of complying with the obligations stated in the general conditions (with exception of superior numbers), damages are restricted to the total of the agreed walk service amount of the agreement.
9.3 The owner of the dog must have a third-party insurance where the dog of the owner is fully co-insured (also see  6.1).

Article 10 – Disputes and appropriate right

10.1 To the task agreement and the general conditions the Dutch rights apply.

10.2 Nullity of a part of these general conditions does not result in the nullity of all provisions of the general conditions.

General Conditions

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